We service all areas in Linn-Benton counties including Albany, Lebanon, Corvallis, Brownsville and Sweet home


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home Pest Control

Chemical House Treatments
We perform chemical treatments for carpenter ants, termites,  beetles, bees, yellow jackets, fleas and many more
. Free estimates. Call us to schedule a visit at (541)259-2022


Proactive House Pretreatments
 No matter how new or clean your home is, pest control emergencies can and do happen to everyone. In our experience, the best way to prevent home pest control emergencies is to proactively guard against them with a comprehensive approach tailored to the unique needs of your home. When our technicians arrive at your home, we analyze the situation, give you our professional opinion and then get to work targeting and eradicating the sources or potential sources of pest management problems. Our residential pest control protects your home with careful planning and application that cover both the interior and exterior of your residence as well as any nearby structures. If you have a pest control problem or want to proactively prevent one, please schedule an appointment by calling us at (541)259-2022


home Loan Inspections
Do you need a home inspection for a loan? At Cascade Exterminating, we provide customers with inspections for home loans. Call us to schedule an appointment at (541) 529-2022




We guarantee pest elimination!

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